Why Is Vigilance Important For Banks?

What is the meaning of CVC?

Card Verification CodeThe Card Verification Code, or CVC*, is an extra code printed on your debit or credit card.

With most cards (Visa, MasterCard, bank cards, etc.) it is the final three digits of the number printed on the signature strip on the reverse of your card..

What’s another word for vigilance?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vigilance, like: alertness, watchfulness, diligence, negligence, lookout, acuity, attention, carelessness, indiscretion, impulsiveness and surveillance.

Why vigilance is important?

Vigilance is considered to be an important management function and its role is to protect the organization from various internal threats, which are often more serious than external threats. Vigilance activity in an organization, forms an integral part of the managerial function.

What does Chief Vigilance Officer report to MD and CEO of Bank?

The Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), directly reports to MD & CEO of the Bank, who takes personal interest in promoting the culture of honesty, transparency & fairness in the organization.

How many types of vigilance are there?

three typesVigilance is of three types – preventive, participative and punitive. Preventive vigilance involves studying the organization ,its policies and its people; and implementing effective measures so that these do not become vulnerable to corruption.

What vigilance means?

Vigilance is the state of being watchful or alert for danger or some other kind of trouble. Vigilance is the noun form of the adjective vigilant, meaning watchful or alert.

Who is current CVC?

Sanjay KothariCentral Vigilance CommissionersNo.NameLeft office14Pradeep Kumar28 September 201415Rajiv9 June 201516K. V. Chowdary9 June 201917Sanjay KothariIncumbent current CVC of India13 more rows

What is a vigilant person?

Use vigilant to describe someone who keeps awake and alert in order to avoid danger or problems. When taking the subway, be vigilant about your wallet — always know where it is, or someone might steal it from you.

What is the vigilance awareness?

Vigilance Awareness Week (VAW) is being celebrated every year and coincides with the birthday of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, known to be a man of high integrity. … The purpose of Vigilance Awareness Week is to generate awareness in the public at large about the ill effects of corruption.

What is the duty of vigilance officer?

To examine in detail the existing Rules and procedures of the Organization with a view to eliminate or minimize the scope for corruption or malpractices. To identify the sensitive/corruption prone spots in the Organization and keep an eye on personnel posted in such area.

What is the full form of vigilance?

CVC stands for Central Vigilance Commission. It is an apex body of Indian Government which is created to address corruption in government departments. It was established in 1964 through the Government of India Resolution of 11.02. 1964.

How can I be vigilant in life?

Situational Awareness: How to Be Vigilant in Public PlacesReduce and Avoid Distractions. When you are in public areas, you need to be aware of your surroundings. … Acknowledge Your Strengths and Weaknesses. … Make Yourself a Difficult Target. … Trust Your Gut. … Practice Predicting Possible Incidents. … Situational Awareness Is Observing Your Surroundings. … Carry Items for Self-Defense.

What is vigilance in banking?

The word ‘vigilance’ means alertness, watchfulness or circumspection. Preventive vigilance signifies continuous watchfulness on the part of the top management of the bank so as to prevent happening of any untoward incidents with adverse financial implications for the organisation and its customers.

What is vigilance attention?

In modern psychology, vigilance, also termed sustained concentration, is defined as the ability to maintain concentrated attention over prolonged periods of time. During this time, the person attempts to detect the appearance of a particular target stimulus.

What is vigilance magic?

Vigilance is a keyword ability on creatures that allows the creature to attack without tapping. Vigilance (Attacking doesn’t cause this creature to tap.)