Question: Can Single Pr Buy Resale Executive Condo?

Can married couple own 1 HDB and 1 condo?

The answer is no.

According to the Housing Board, even if they have fulfilled the MOP, PRs who own an HDB flat and their essential family members who occupy the unit must dispose their HDB flat within six months of buying a completed or off-plan private residential property in Singapore..

Should I buy HDB or condo?

And when it comes down to it, HDBs can have far better rental yield compared to their condo counterparts, simply by virtue of how affordable they are. (Note: This depends on the rental income generated as well. Condos do tend to generate higher rental income than flats, which can sometimes offset their higher costs.)

How much cash do I need to buy a condo?

The downpayment for a condo is: New condo launch: 20% of the purchase price, of which at least 5% must be paid in cash (i.e. 15% with CPF) Resale condo: At least 5%, including an option fee of at least 1% which must be paid in cash (i.e. 4% with CPF)

Can I buy EC if I own HDB?

Can I get a new EC if I used to/ still own an HDB flat, DBSS flat, or EC? Yes, provided that you only own/ owned 1 of the following units prior to your application: Flat bought from HDB.

Can I rent out my HDB and stay in condo?

Assuming you’re renting out an HDB flat and not a private property, HDB stipulates that there’s a maximum of six occupants allowed in a three-room flat or bigger. In other words, you may rent out your flat and/or bedrooms only if there are less than six owners and/or authorized occupiers staying in your flat.

Can a single person own 2 HDB flats?

Under the SSCS, only one person is the legal owner of the flat. … On the other hand: Being a non-owner, your partner is free to buy another property (HDB or private) of their own. This allows you both to own two properties.

Can single pr buy resale EC?

A single PR can buy a resale EC or an HDB flat subject to conditions. You can buy a resale EC after the 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) from the 6th to 10th year.

Can single pr buy resale HDB?

Single Singapore Citizen Scheme Buy an HDB resale flat as a single. You must be at least 35 years old if you are unmarried or divorced, and at least 21 years old if you are widowed or an orphan.

Can single below 35 buy condo?

A single Singapore citizen below the age of 35 but above 21 can buy a private, commercial or industrial property in Singapore. You are not eligible to buy a Built-To-Order (BTO), resale HDB and an Executive Condominium. … The minimum price for a Singapore condo is about $570k for a studio/ one bedrm.

Can PR buy freehold condo?

Most foreigners are allowed to buy Executive Condominiums (EC). However, depending on your status (whether you are a PR, a fiancé of a citizen, or neither of the available schemes), you may own one or more. … Neither of you are PR – EC resale only if 10+ years. You are single and PR – EC resale both 5 years and 10+ years.

Should I buy EC condo?

ECs can be a better investment choice compared to private condominiums, as they are usually sold for around the same price as private apartments in the resale market even though EC is purchase with grants (subsidized housing). … Minimum occupancy period of five years, and restrictions on who can buy EC.

Can permanent resident Buy executive condo?

Only Singaporean couples and Singaporean/permanent resident couples can buy an EC unit. Also, buyers have to fulfil a mandatory five-year minimum occupation period (MOP) before they are can rent out or sell the EC unit. … Essentially, an EC is a subsidised private condominium.

Is resale EC worth buying?

#1: Closer to full privatisation One advantage of buying a resale Executive Condominium, rather than a brand new one, is that an EC is fully privatised after 10 years. Crossing this milestone allows you to sell it to foreigners and entities in five years’ time or less, depending on when you buy the resale EC.

Can 2 pr buy resale HDB?

The short answer is that a Singaporean Permanent Resident (SPR) is only allowed to buy a HDB resale flat — as in, a HDB flat bought in the open market from existing owners, not a subsidised flat directly from HDB under the built-to-order (BTO) or sale of balance flats (SBF) programme.

Can Singles buy resale?

Singles—whether individually or jointly—can purchase any type of HDB resale they desire, provided they can afford it. The main disadvantage of buying a resale flat is the cost. At present, and reasonably for the next 30 years or so, the smallest resale HDB you can probably buy is a 3-room unit.